A New Home

The Growing Berries have a new home and so, finally, does our blog.

This time last year we were settling into our new home in Hong Kong, excited to be discovering a new place but heartbroken to leave our friends and all that was familiar and loved in Paris. What felt like such a hard move to make as we were doing it has turned out to be an experience that has broadened our outlook on the world, given us even more opportunities to travel and found us even more friends.

Although I haven't been writing, I have continued to photograph furiously. Photographing our every day whilst taking more workshops than I care to admit. My first photography class, which I took three years ago so that I could make better photos for my blog, opened a Pandora's box which may never shut!

There are so many more photos in my Lightroom catalog than the weekly image I have been sharing for my Wish You Were Here collaboration. It's time to start sharing those stories old and new.